Terms and Conditions of Tours:

(Please Take Time To Read This Page Thoroughly!)

INCLUSIVE (in price):

  • All tours and trips listed on the itinerary
  • Homestay
  • Workshops and training offered
  • Meals and transportation listed on the itinerary

EXCLUSIVE (in price):

  • Flights
  • Meals and transportation outside of the itinerary
  • Event and Activities outside of itinerary

Responsible Travel to ensure authenticity and giving back to the locals:

It is the desire of Zanur Travels to ensure that travellers experience the most authentic local way of life while on island. Therefore, this would include constant interaction with locals and residence. This is where you will find mucha mayana demo. Follow the link! Full respect of cultural traditions and of persons are expected by all visitors. Under no condition do we condone abuse and offence to the local people. Zanur travels use local people for all areas of this trip and we want to ensure not only a local experience but also to contribute to the growth of the tourism industry. In doing this we wish to have to have the involvement and the assistance of the local stakeholders on island, so they would direct benefit from this venture. The best offer for gamblers https://vogueplay.com/uk/pharaohs-fortune-slot/. Come on. Increased chance of winning!       

Some of the responsible travel features that we try to include are:

  • Using public transport where possible.
  • Staying in smaller-scale locally owned accommodation where possible.
  • Buying locally produced food and drink, and purchasing souvenirs from local artisans.
  • Spreading the economic benefits by patronising a range of local suppliers.
  • Minimising plastic waste where possible and making use of bins - absolutely no littering!!!!
  • Careful management of limited energy and water resources especially on the Grenadine islands.
  • Offering real life experiences which promote cross-cultural understanding.
  • Avoiding the exploitation of the vulnerable - including women, children, animals and endangered species

Terms and Conditions of services:

Itineraries given by Zanur travels are flexible and can be worked around individual’s preference providing it is a reasonable request, which will be determined by us. Booking more than 2 months in advance would require a 10% deposit and the next 40% would be paid within 1 month of the trip. With additional 50% paid directly to the buddy on arrival. Bookings made less than 2 months in advance would require a deposit of the full 50% with the additional 50% paid on arrival at destination to the buddy.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellation before 14 days of travel would be charged a Service Charge £25. Within 14 days of travel the Service Charge and 10% of the tour price will be charged. We can accommodate last minute bookings. However, additional charges would apply.

Age and Health requirements:

Zanur travels cater to women between the ages of 18 and 55 although older persons deemed to be good health would be accepted. Women travelling solo or with groups as big as 3 at a time. Persons would be responsible for their own care and medication throughout the trip. It is the traveller’s responsibility to find out and ensure they are vaccinated and are have proper health checks that are needed prior to travelling to the Caribbean.

Passports and Visas:

All passports, visas and airfare is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that all paperwork is relevant and appropriate for travel.