Meet Zoranna


The best offer for gamblers Come on. Increased chance of winning! Zoranna is a young lady fresh out of college and as most young women on the islands, loves discovering the sites and beaches of the beautiful country. She usually plans trips with her friends on the weekend, exploring the gushing waterfalls and serene beaches as well as undertaking the more challenging hikes and treks in the mountains. This is where you will find mucha mayana demo. Follow the link! Young people on island usually spend their weekends lazing on the beautiful white sandy beaches and hanging out with their friends at home or in the capital town, Kingstown.


Meet Valarie


Meet Valarie a fun loving, free spirited local woman, She is a wife and the mother of 3 girls. She is highly positive, uplifting and motivating to others and her infectious personality usually wins everyone over. Valarie would be perfect for women ages 40 and over as she has more experience and should share similar interest of this age group. She enjoys having fun, watching movies at home, going to church and going out with friends, especially singing Karaoke at the local bars on island. She can be very adventurous, enjoys going to new places and definitely meeting and embracing new people and cultures.


Meet Molissa


Molissa is married with a lovely 7 year old son who is highly energetic and keeps her on her toes. Not because Molissa is a mother means she doesn’t like to go out and have fun on the town. She is a teacher by profession but on the weekends and the evenings she enjoys spending time with friends and the very infrequent party at times.